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Common Causes of Auto Glass Damage in Las Vegas

If you drive your car on a regular basis, you’re exposing the glass to dangers no matter how careful you are. There are many ways your auto glass can be damaged on the road, and some of them might be unexpected. Knowing some common causes of auto glass damage can help you avoid it whenever possible. 

Road Debris

Road debris is one of the most common ways auto glass is damaged on the road. Large vehicles kick up gravel and stones, which can damage glass, causing chips and cracks. To avoid this, give yourself extra space between large trucks and your car when traveling at high speeds. 

Extreme Weather

Believe it or not, extreme temperatures can cause cracks in your vehicle’s glass. As temperatures change, glass can swell and contract. This can put undue pressure on the windshield or windows and you may notice stress cracks. 

Improper Installation

You can also end up with auto glass damage if the glass has been improperly installed. Poor fits and bad adhesion can cause cracks and chips, especially if you live in an area where the temperature fluctuates. Getting your glass installed by a professional will always be your best bet. 

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