What is Ceramic Nano Coating?

Ceramic nano coatings are hydrophobic coatings that look like glass. Hydrophobic means that it repels water or liquids. It’s a very scientific process. Technically speaking, the polymer is usually made by mixing nanoparticles with hydrocarbons.

In simple terms, it’s a synthetic blending process that coats the auto glass with a protective layer. When this mixture is applied to glass, it produces a ceramic coating that can repel liquids, dust, grime, and even bacteria.

Benefits of Nano Coating For Your Vehicle

There are a lot of benefits of having ceramic nano coating on your vehicle. Not only does it effectively repel water, but it’s also a whole new level of protection for your auto glass. It’s magic stuff. Sure, it’s excellent at deflecting water, but it also repels other elements such as dust (an essential factor in the desert), pollution, and soot from the environment.
Ceramic nano coatings can even protect against bacteria and other germs, which means that this type of coating is ideal for the safety and health of your family and friends.

We Have High Standards

We maintain high coating standards in our auto glass shops. We use Hendlex Glass Pro for its many features.

Seven Reasons We Love Hendlex Glass Pro:

Strong Weather Protection

When inclement weather approaches, it’s best to be prepared wherever possible. Having ceramic nano coating on your auto glass improves visibility in heavy rains and provides an invisible protective layer that is easily cleaned. It also helps to prevent rock chips. This can protect your vehicle investment from other costly repairs.

Our ceramic nano coating from Hendrix is suitable for all car windows. This product is also ideal for trucks, busses, and motorcycles.
As a bonus, a coating also makes window cleaning easier from bugs, ice, or other dirt.

We recommend this type of coating for all vehicles, including automobiles, trucks, busses, commercial vehicles, fire-rescue apparatus, and other specialized vehicles.
The coating will remain intact as long as your glass surface stays undamaged, such as from rocks hitting it.

Hendrix products have been used by many automotive and auto glass repair professionals in Las Vegas and worldwide. This includes companies that serve police forces, our treasured First Responders, and those who work with luxury cars.

Did you know that Hendrix Glass Pro was first launched in 2007 at Le Mans in France, establishing its reputation sky-high?

We Stand By Our Work

At Clear Quality Auto Glass, we aim to deliver the highest quality ceramic coatings available to our auto glass repair customers. You can be sure that you’re getting a high-grade product and not a cheap coating that won’t last.
You’ve spent a lot of money on your vehicle. Let us spoil you with one best ceramic nano coating services in Las Vegas, trusted for years. Call today.