Ceramic Nano Coating





·              Long lasting coating (lasts more than 12 months)

·              Last up to 3 times longer than common nano coatings

·              Does not change color of surface and is completely invisible

·              Better visibility during the rain

·              Product is environmental and human friendly

·              Higher safety on the road 

·              Provides an extra layer of protection on the glass

Hendlex Glass PRO is long lasting hydrophobic coating for glass, which lasts up to 3 times longer than common nano coatings for glass. 

It improves visibility while raining and provides surface strong hydrophobic and easy to clean properties. This product creates an invisible protective layer that is water-repellent and is easily cleaned, which improves visibility during the rain and helps prevent rock chips. This coating makes window cleaning easier from bugs, ice or other dirt.


During the snow or rain, necessity of wipers decreases. Improved visibility increases safety on the road. At speed above 15 mph, wipers are almost unnecessary. In winter, the ice is removed from windows much faster and easier. Hendlex Glass PRO coating is suitable for all car windows. This product is also suitable for trucks, busses and motorcycles.