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Why Get Window Tinting?

Providing Highly Advance Window Tinting Service

Arguably the most common reason people get window tinting carried out on their cars and trucks is that it transforms their vehicle’s appearance. Even on an otherwise stock vehicle, window tinting can give it a more customized and unique look.


We provide a highly advanced range of Scorpion, Suntek, and American Films based on the client’s needs. Our window tinting service is highly professional and done with utmost perfection.


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Our Films We Offer

3M™ Automotive Window Films Products

We’ve been helping protect drivers and passengers using 3M auto window films in the Valley since 1989. When it comes to your safety and comfort, you can trust A Better Tint and 3M.
Professional Window Tinting

Carbon Series (Carbon)

The carbon series is exclusively for those looking for superior sun protection. Such films are exclusively made with carbon particles as against the dyes, making them far superior in preventing UV rays. This series features a 1.5 mil, dual-ply, signal-friendly construction.

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CS ZERO 3% .44% 56% 35% 5% 5% 99%
CS05B 6% .45% 55% 35% 5% 5% 99%
CS15B 11% .46% 54% 35% 5% 5% 99%
CS20B 21% .50% 50% 35% 5% 5% 99%
CS35B 31% .53% 47% 35% 5% 5% 99%
CS40B 40% .55% 45% 35% 6% 6% 99%
CS50B 48% .56% 44% 35% 6% 6% 99%
CS70B 70% .65% 35% 35% 8% 8% 99%
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Carbon Plus Series:

The Carbon Plus series is a step above the carbon series. It comprises a 1.5 mil dual-ply with signal-friendly construction and provides great heat repulsion. CP also improves the IRR rating and is seamless to install.
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SH5IR 7% 25% 82% 5% 5% 99%
SH15IR 12% 34% 66% 5% 5% 99%
SH20IR 21% 35% 65% 6% 6% 99%
SH35IR 34% 41% 59% 6% 6% 99%
SH50IR 49% 42% 58% 7% 7% 99%
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Shield Series (Nano-Ceramic):

This cutting-edge nano ceramic tint has the best heat rejection over the whole Nanometer Solar Spectrum. The Shield Series IR consists of a 1.5 mil dual-ply, Nanoceramic material.
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SH5IR 7% .25% 75% 82% 5% 5% 99%
SH15IR 12% .34% 66% 82% 5% 5% 99%
SH20IR 21% .35% 65% 82% 6% 6% 99%
SH35IR 34% .41% 59% 82% 6% 6% 99%
SH50IR 49% 42% 58% 82% 7% 7% 99%

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Car Window Tinting Styles and Tint Levels

No matter what your taste, needs or preferences are, 3M™ Automotive Window Films come in so many styles and tint levels for you to choose from.
Professional Window Tinting

Stay Cool

Make your driving more comfortable by blocking heat-producing infrared rays

Professional Window Tinting

Increases Privacy

Improve your privacy and personal safety by blocking up to 95% of visible light from entering your car.

Professional Window Tinting

Enjoy Added Style

Improve your car’s appearance with whatever tint level or style you desire

Professional Window Tinting

Block UV Rays

Screen out up to 99% of harmful UV rays that can damage your skin and make your car interior uncomfortable.

Professional Window Tinting

Add Security

Makes your car harder to break into and obscures your valuables from outsiders

Professional Window Tinting

See Clearly and Safely

Increase your visibility by reducing glare from sunlight, making driving easier and more comfortable for you.


What the Precision Computer Cut Advantage System means to you. The old fashioned way of window tinting means continual contact with your vehicle. The precision computer cut way means the majority of the prepwork is done away from the vehicle. No more razor blades being used on your vehicle reducing any chance for incidental damage. One of the biggest advantages to the Precision Computer Cut System is that every pattern is cut to exacting standards. This ensures a digitally perfect fit every time. No more light gaps or crooked edges. Stop by today and let us show you why we continue to be a leader in the window tint industry.
Curious about the laws regarding window tint?

Automotive Window Film Simulator

Professional Window Tinting
The simulator will help you visualize the style and level of tint that would best suit your needs.

Customer Testimonials

“A Better Tint & Accesories Gilbert reviews 5 Star Review I recently purchased a groupon and scheduled an appt to have my windows tinted at this shop. The staff was friendly and my car was done in less time than originally quoted. The wait area was nice, air conditioned, had free wifi, and bottled water. After leaving the shop and returning home I noticed a small problem. I immediately returned to the shop and spoke with Dustin. He handled this issue with the utmost integrity and respect. My vehicle was repaired without even a question and no more money out of my pocket. I am truly impressed and will continue to use them and recommend them to all my friends. Thanks again Dustin for all your help!!!”

Amber M.

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