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We know that adding window tint to the windows can be extremely valuable to you and your overall driving experience. If your vehicle does not already have window tint, below are three excellent reasons to consider tinting your vehicle.

Throughout the country, each state has its own laws regarding window tinting percentage. Some states have a very low percentage while others allow a fairly high percentage. In Nevada, the window tint law uses a measurement called Visible Light Transmission Percentage (VLT%) which is the amount of visible light that passes through both the film and the window itself.

Here are some important laws to be aware of regarding the amount, type, and coverage areas for vehicle window tinting in Nevada:

  • Tinting on the windshield must be non-reflective (no laws refer to reflectivity of side windows) and stay above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line
  • 35% of light must be allows to pass through the front driver and passenger side windows after tint application
  • Rear side windows and the rear window may have any level of tinting
  • Dual side mirrors must be included for any vehicle having tint on the rear windshield
  • Red and amber-colored tinting is illegal in Nevada
  • Drivers do not need a sticker identifying the level, type, or legality of their vehicles’ tint

For any questions or concerns about your vehicle’s tinting, the glass professionals at Clear Quality Auto Glass are happy to discuss your Las Vegas, NV mobile window tinting options.

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