Is Your Window Stuck?

We Know the Culprit

Typically, the reason for broken car windows (but not broken glass) is a window regulator mechanism. It’s also sometimes one of the most expensive types of auto glass repair due to its mechanical nature. Let’s explore that a bit more.

If your window is stuck up or down it may be your window regulator (or motor). If that is the case, you may need a window regulator repair.

What is a Window Regulator?

The Mechanics of your Windows

Window regulators are located inside each of the vehicle doors, underneath the auto glass. The glass physically rests on this device, and it is moved up and down and into place using a series of small, interconnected parts working as a unit. Over time, these parts can break and need to be replaced, requiring a careful repair process.

When this happens, there are usually three options:

  1. A dealership for your vehicle manufacturer

  2. Service at a professional auto glass repair shop

  3. Repair at an auto body shop

Dealerships and certified technicians have costly tools required to do a window regulator replacement, which is unavailable to other businesses or individuals. So, usually, it’s best to take the car to a professional auto glass repair shop for this kind of work.

The process is complicated, time-consuming, and requires a lot of attention to detail. Special care to handle the glass and a knowledgeable technician to test and adjust the auto glass are necessary. That’s where we come in.

What Should I Expect?

The Four Step Process for Window Regulator Repair

It usually takes a few hours to complete these types of repairs. Here is what to expect:

  1. Dismantle the inner part of the vehicle door and inspect.

  2. Remove the old regulator and all of the associated components to be set aside.

  3. Install a new regulator (including the mechanism and smaller parts)

  4. Replace the auto glass and ensure the rubber seals are sitting correctly.

  5. Inspect and test, re-adjusting as needed.

If the window fails to operate correctly during testing, it is re-inspected and adjusted until the tests pass.

After any windshield replacement, we encourage recalibration of your driver safety systems. These are required by law and are usually covered by your insurance. We’ll help you schedule an appointment to calibrate your vehicle’s windshield in our shop
if we are doing a mobile installation.
Overall, the whole windshield replacement procedure may take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half.

Don’t forget, we provide free mobile service. Call today, and we’ll get you scheduled.

Dorman Window Regulators

We are proud to use Dorman Window Regulators, available for both electric and manual windows. We use them because Dorman pioneered aftermarket window regulators and continues developing, designing, and delivering thousands of road-proven solutions every day.

Several of their exclusive designs feature unique and innovative improvements, all of which have been thoroughly tested to industry and regulatory standards.

Lastly, they are backed by a team of in-house engineers. Dorman’s products are built for long-term performance and reliability to get the job done right the first time.

A Dangerous Riding Experience

Let’s call it what it is. When your car’s window regulator is broken, it can lead to an inconvenient (at best) and even dangerous riding experience.
It’s a bad situation all around. It may impede fuel efficiency and also fails to protect from the heat and cold – which is extreme in Las Vegas.

Having a broken regulator provides complications. If the driver isn’t able to move the window during a routine traffic stop, or to provide ventilation, or even at a drive-thru to purchase food – it can lead to many annoying and inconvenient issues. Let’s get it fixed.

Why Choose Clear Quality Auto Glass?

It’s simple. We’ve had over twenty years of experience supplying replacement window regulators for our happy customers throughout Las Vegas, Clark County and Southern Nevada.
Our combined experience includes a working knowledge of over 95% of vehicles in operation.

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Warranty-backed Peace of Mind

Plus, our power window repair services are backed by a limited 3-year warranty on parts and labor. We use authentic parts and have great relationships with our suppliers. Call us today or schedule your repair online.