Auto Windshield Replacement in Las Vegas, NV

From annoyance to major visibility issues, our windshield replacement technicians know how valuable it is to have a clear view when driving. We are dedicated to providing customers with reliable, experienced, and affordable windshield replacement services. 

Clear Quality Auto Glass has 4 locations in and around Las Vegas, and we also offer mobile windshield replacements. We understand the importance of ensuring that our clients have the highest level of visibility, so we provide the highest quality windshield replacement possible.

Auto Glass Replacement Services in Las Vegas

Outside of doing work at our auto glass shops in Las Vegas, we are proud to offer mobile windshield replacement. Our technicians realize that bringing your vehicle to us may be an errand that simply won’t fit into your busy schedule. Allow us to come to you at a time and place that is most convenient for you! Whether you come to us or we meet up with you, you can rest assured that your windshield replacement will be done effectively and efficiently. We offer windshield replacement, mobile auto glass replacement, RV windshield replacement, windshield replacements for classic cars, and power window repair.

We specialize in the auto windshield replacement Las Vegas, NV drivers depend on, but in the event that your windshield simply needs fixing rather than completely replaced, we can handle that also. This includes cracks, scratches, and chips.

What To Expect When Replacing Your Windshield

When you entrust your windshield replacement to Clear Quality Auto Glass, we are happy to discuss the process with you and let you know exactly what our technicians will be doing with your car. Here is a basic overview of the windshield replacement process:

  • Vehicle preparation: setting up a work area to ensure the vehicle is not damaged during the replacement (protective tape, towels, removal of wipers and mirror)
  • Remove old windshield: molding and urethane adhesive need to be removed; the old windshield may shatter since the removal process requires great force
  • Prepare new windshield for installation: frame and new windshield need to be primed to prevent contamination which could cause leaks
  • Install new windshield: it will be “dry set” 
  • Clean up work area: molding, cowl, rear view mirror, and wipers will be replaced; broken glass and debris cleaned up
  • Calculate a safe drive-away time: urethane needs time to set after installation so installer will give you a time to safely drive the vehicle again

For any questions or to get a windshield replacement quote, contact Clear Quality Auto Glass in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Get Your Windshield Replacement Quote

At Clear Quality Auto Glass, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality glass repair and replacement services. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured so you can rest assured that your replacement will be completed effectively and efficiently. Call us today to get a windshield replacement quote for your vehicle, or fill out our free quote form here.