One of the most common car repairs is auto glass replacement, especially in a climate
like ours.

It is essential to make sure you are getting the right service, but there are even more
things you should look out for when it comes to auto glass repair in Las Vegas. Luckily,
we know them all.

The first thing to do when looking for a new windshield is to find an expert, especially
if this will be your first experience. Any procedure involving auto glass repair can be
dangerous work that requires specific tools and expertise.
Installing the wrong type of auto glass or using cheap auto glass from unverified or
unregulated sources can cause further damage. It can also be hazardous to drive a
vehicle without a proper auto glass replacement.
We understand the importance of ensuring that our clients have the highest level of
visibility, so we provide the highest quality auto glass available and are committed to
providing customers with reliable, experienced, and affordable car glass repair.


Let us bring our world-class windshield repair service to you! Our mobile service is
free and allows us to care for even more of our auto glass repair customers
throughout Clark County – including Boulder City (for an additional small fee).
Clear Quality Auto Glass has all of your southwest auto glass needs covered with
several locations including Las Vegas, Downtown Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, The Arts
District, and The Strip. We’ve also recently expanded our mobile coverage into
Henderson and Summerlin, with more locations opening soon.

Our mobile services include:

• Windshield replacement
• Auto glass replacement
• RV windshield replacement
• Power window repair
We usually have availability within 24 hours. Call us today!


The natural, unique desert environment of southwest Nevada plays a significant role in the integrity of the Southwest auto glass. Dry, hot climate, wind, dust, and debris may introduce some challenges when maintaining your vehicle’s windshield and windows – especially if new chips or cracks are forming. We’ve been there. Most chips are cracks start small and grow to become potentially hazardous, affecting your safety. 

That’s where we come in. Serving the Las Vegas area for over a decade, we understand the challenges that this unique environment creates for auto glass replacement and windshield replacement. It’s our specialty. 

We are your trusted professionals in southwest auto glass expertise – serving most of Clark County through our locations and complimentary mobile service. 


Our team of highly trained auto glass experts offers you a variety of windshield
replacement options. When you choose Clear Quality Auto Glass to replace your
windshield, we’d be happy to talk with you about the procedure and let you know
what operations our specialists will perform on your car.

Here’s a quick rundown of how our car glass replacement usually works:

Preparing a workstation to avoid harm to the automobile during the replacement
(towels, wiper blades, and mirrors removed)

The next step is physically removing the old windshield. Molding and urethane
adhesive must also be removed; the existing glass might shatter as a result of the
removal process, which necessitates significant force. This is sometimes the most
challenging part of the process.

The new windshield and frame must be carefully primed and inspected to avoid the
possibility of leaks caused by contamination.

We use a technique called dry setting, which is the process of using a glass sealant to
install a windshield without water. Once the windshield is set, we lightly scrape the
glass, which removes any oils that the auto glass may have been exposed to while
also ensuring a tight seal.

After the new windshield is put in, we make sure there are no issues or minor
concerns that could affect driver safety or result in leaks in the vehicle’s cabin. If there
are any issues, we will make sure to bring them up with our customers.

We will replace and inspect the molding, cowl, rear-view mirror, and wiper blades and
remove all broken glass and debris.

After the polyurethane has cured, it takes a little while to set. Following installation,
the installer will affix blue painter’s tape to the windshield to assist in the setting
process. It’s important to not to remove the tape or wash the care for about three

days. At the end of your visit, our installers will provide an estimate as to how long it
will take for a car to be driven safely again.

After any windshield replacement, we encourage recalibration of your driver safety
systems. These are required by law and are usually covered by your insurance. We’ll
help you schedule an appointment to calibrate your vehicle’s windshield in our shop
if we are doing a mobile installation.
Overall, the whole windshield replacement procedure may take anywhere from an
hour to an hour and a half.

Don’t forget, we provide free mobile service. Call today, and we’ll get you scheduled.


Because we live in a vast desert city with a fast-growing population, it’s essential to find quality auto glass repair for a great price and a trusted, skilled professional. I speak from experience. Life gets busy, and if your household is like mine, and it can sometimes be tricky to find auto glass repair or windshield replacement near me without high markups and overinflated prices. 

Clear Quality Auto Glass has all of your southwest auto glass needs covered with several locations serving most of Clark County. In addition to our mobile services, our main shop is located at: 

Please stop by for a free inspection or call us today to schedule a time with one of our technicians. 
find quality auto glass repair for a great price and a trusted, skilled professional.

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At Clear Quality Auto Glass, we aim to provide drivers with the very best windshield
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We are fully committed to customer satisfaction, offering low prices, and delivering
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