Las Vegas, NV Auto Windshield Chip Repair Services

Windshield Chip repairs are typically covered through most
major insurance companies, so in most cases repairs will not cost
you a dime.

Clear Quality Auto Glass” is a preferred shop for almost
all major insurance providers.  This means your insurance company
will stand behind our warranty for as long as you own the

Auto Windshield Chip Repair in Las Vegas, NV

Repairs are performed primarily for structural purposes.  (To
prevent it from spreading) although in most cases the repair will clear
up significantly usually between 70% and 80%. The repair process
typically takes around 15 to 20 minutes.



Level 1 damage is simply a chunk of glass that is missing out of the
windshield causing a void.  When this is repaired the void is filled and the
repair should be completely smooth and substantially less visible. 

Level 2 damage is air stuck between the two layers of glass, as the air
starts to expand it causes cracks to form and spread out away from the
damaged area. A level two is repaired by drilling down to access this air
pocket. Then A injector tool is used to remove Air that is trapped between
the two layers of glass. An Epoxy Resign is then injected in place of the
air to fill the area.  The resin is an activated with UV light and cured. Any
residue will be scraped clean leaving a smooth surface on the top of the
damaged area.

Level 3 this is a larger crack 2-5 inches in length. This is repaired by
drilling all the way through the first layer of glass at the very tip of the
crack.  This creates a small level 2 at the end of the crack. (Stopping it
from spreading further.) This is then vacuumed, injected, cured, and
scraped clean just like a level 2.  Then resign is poured into the crack
from the outside while pressure on the inside is applied to open the crack
up. Once the damaged area is filled, the remaining resign is cured and
scraped clean.

Any damage exceeding 6 inches can no longer be repaired, at this point the
glass will need to be replaced.

All repairs come with a lifetime warranty guarantee that they will never spread or
crack for as long as you on the vehicle.