Mirror Replacement: When You Need It and Why

no Comment.    Apr 19, 2018 | 3:41 pm

Your mirrors are an essential part of your safety and define your vehicle as a legally-operable mode of transportation. In Henderson & Las Vegas, we have set standards in place to ensure everyone on the road is safe as can be. From when to why, this is what you need to know about mirror replacement.   Your Mirrors Define Your Operability Your car isn’t going to pass for a state-issued inspection sticker unless you have functioning mirrors. Whether it’s time to stop in and get an updated inspection, or you’re simply driving down the road to the convenience store, you can’t operate your vehicle is your side-view mirrors are destroyed. If they’ve only been minorly damaged, you may not receive attention from police officers, though they will cite you if they see damaged side-view mirrors if they’ve already stopped you, or spot it in a parking lot.   It’s a…

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