Cracked Windshield Laws in Nevada and You

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Driving around with a cracked windshield? Here’s why you might need windshield replacement to be in line with Nevada law. When it comes to cities such as Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, everything seems to be moving at a lightning-fast pace. The rules change every now and then. And you never know which traffic requirement you should adhere to if you have not been paying attention. For instance, if you have a cracked windshield, you might want to drive your car around town for a windshield replacement. But you would be hesitant if you don’t even know if it’s legal or not. To help you navigate these proverbial roads of requirement, here is all you need to do about cracked windshield laws in Nevada. What Does Nevada Say About Cracked Windshields? While Nevada law doesn’t specifically address cracked windshields, it…

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Windshield Replacement and Insurance

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Are you wondering whether your insurance would cover your windshield replacement? Here’s what you need to know. Similar to the many other car repair procedures, windshield replacement is considered a highly difficult process. First, you must make certain that your windshield replacement is being done by a professional, such as those at Clear Quality Auto Glass. In the case of extreme damage, you also need to ensure that it could be done without you driving all the way to the specialist’s garage. And most importantly, you need to confirm that the damage would be covered through your insurance. With that being said, finding experts like Clear Quality Auto Glass who could drive to your location to replace your windshield is not that difficult in Las Vegas and Henderson. But understanding Nevada’s car insurance requirements is still stressful for some. To…

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3 Reasons Why You Need Windshield Replacement

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Summer is upon us. Iced teas, lemonade and cold beers are not far behind. Barbecues are all the rage, while pool parties are right there with them. But don’t forget about your summer checklist. There’s simply too much to do in the little time that you have each day. But there are some things that you simply cannot do without. And having your car in optimal condition is one of them. Paying attention to the engine, breaks and AC are the more obvious choices during a seasonal checkup and repair. But most of us forget about the most crucial things of all. It’s your windshield replacement. In hotter temperatures, it gets extremely important that you take care of your windshield and have it replaced in case of damage before the weather hits hard. Here are three reasons why you should…

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