We’re all guilty of a few things when it comes to our cars. Maybe we haven’t cleared out all the fry wrappers and old coffee cups, and in most cases, we haven’t dealt with that tiny little crack on the windshield. Then winter rolls around, and we continue to not do anything about it. This is what the frigid weather can do to your auto glass when you leave it unattended.

Expanding and Retracting

If you live in a frigid region, then you know a thing or two about winter. Just like the roads (which are covered in tar strips), the glass of your car—when it has a crack in it—expands and contracts. You drive against the wind on a snowy day, then put your car in the heated garage. Expansion, retraction—they both take their toll on your vehicle.

The little tiny crack in your windshield that was left by a falling acorn or a child’s toy landing on it, is now your biggest problem. It can eventually lead to full auto glass replacement instead of just getting the crack filled in.

It Won’t Shatter Instantaneously

Many people think that your windshield will just crack one more time, and shatter like stemware against the tile. That’s not the case, but it can lead to a few things that you don’t want to happen.

  1. You can fail a safety inspection. Drive around with a failed sticker for a month, and it’s illegal to drive your car (most territories).
  2. Your line of sight can be altered directly by a long crack as it expands. This can lead to being stopped by police, and being told that your car isn’t safe to drive. If you can’t even pop a car hanging around your rearview, they’re not going to let you slide with a big crack obstructing your line of sight.
  3. Your car can become undrivable. Your glass isn’t going to shatter—it’s designed not to. However, when the crack fills in with that wet, slushy snow, it freezes almost immediately due to the wind, instantly expanding the crack and furthering the damage to your windshield almost instantly. Having strips of ice that you can’ get off with a wipe is an issue when you’re trying to drive.

Your Resale Value

If you’re looking to sell your ride, you’re going to run into an issue. A rule of thumb is that, when you’re selling your car, a simple $10 fix you can do yourself is going to be five times more detrimental to your resale value. A cracked windshield can be repaired by our experts, but when you try to sell a car with a cracked windshield, it ends up setting you back by a ridiculous amount.

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