Windshield Replacement and Insurance

Are you wondering whether your insurance would cover your windshield replacement? Here’s what you need to know.

Similar to the many other car repair procedures, windshield replacement is considered a highly difficult process.

First, you must make certain that your windshield replacement is being done by a professional, such as those at Clear Quality Auto Glass. In the case of extreme damage, you also need to ensure that it could be done without you driving all the way to the specialist’s garage. And most importantly, you need to confirm that the damage would be covered through your insurance.

With that being said, finding experts like Clear Quality Auto Glass who could drive to your location to replace your windshield is not that difficult in Las Vegas and Henderson. But understanding Nevada’s car insurance requirements is still stressful for some.

To make sure that you don’t have to go through a cycle of confusion, here is all you need to know about windshield replacement insurance in Nevada.

How Does Car Insurance Work for Windshield Replacement?

According to Nevada law, if you drive a car, then you are required to have liability insurance. This ensures that you are able to pay for costs incurred by the other party in injury, death, or any damage to their car.

But liability insurance does not cover your own damage. That is why you need to make sure that you have an additional car insurance policy which covers damage to your car.

It All Depends on the Type of Insurance You Have

Usually, additional car insurance policies cover costs in case of your injury or death. They also pay for any damages done to your car. But it all depends on the type of insurance that you have.

For instance, if you have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, then it would cover your damages only if the other party is at fault and is uninsured/underinsured. Whereas, collision coverage helps you cover damages in case you collide with another car or a physical object such as a fence.

Comprehensive car insurance, on the other hand, provides you with coverage against a large variety of causes. These include instances such as theft and vandalism.

You Need to Check If You Would Be Covered for Replacing Your Windshield

To summarize, whenever you are going for windshield replacement and want it to be covered by your insurance, check the coverage with your insurance provider.

Depending on how the damage occurred and the type of insurance you have, you may get the replacement of your windshield covered by your insurance. Keep factors such as deductible in mind.

A deductible is the amount you have to pay out of pocket before your insurance provider covers your costs. In case your windshield replacement costs are equal to or under your deductible, then it’s better to pay for the procedure yourself.

To make the process easier, you could simply drive your car to Clear Quality Auto Glass who could verify your insurance for you before moving forward with any replacements. This makes sure that you are able to get the services you need without being uncertain about the expenses.

Reach out to Clear Quality Auto Glass today to start your consultation.