Living in Las Vegas, where the temperatures soar to 120 degrees and above, lots of thoughts cross through the minds of auto drivers and owners, one of which is regarding window tinting.

Window tinting is a common practice for a variety of reasons, including complimenting the vehicle’s overall look, protecting the driver and passengers from harmful ultraviolet rays and/or to reduce the effects of the heat.

When it comes to window tinting, the first question that must be asked is, “What are the laws regarding tinting my windows? Specifically, what are those laws in the Las Vegas area?”

With window tinting laws were first passed in Nevada in 1993, certain rules and regulations apply:

Visible Light Transmission – also referred to as VLT, this is the percent of visible light allowed through your car windows. Keep in mind that the VLT regulations are different for sedan cars, SUVs and vans.  

Window tint – glare and heat is reduced by using a window tint. A certain amount of window reflection is allowed when using this addition.

Side Mirrors – when the back window is tinted, dual side mirrors must be used.

Color restriction – using the colors red and amber is against the law.  

Certified film – manufacturers must certify the film they sell, so always ask your dealer if the window tint being used is certified film.

Medical Exemptions – there are medical exceptions that apply when it comes to tinted windows.

To find out what specific laws apply within each of these parameters, check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles or possibly a law enforcement agency. At Clear Quality Auto Glass, we know the laws that apply when it comes to Las Vegas window tinting.

Most car windows are automatically manufactured with a 70% tint. This usually includes the windows immediately to the driver’s left and right side.  

There is an art to installing a proper window tint. In other words, all tints are not created equal. While they all might look the same after the application is applied, over time, a low-quality tint will begin to fade, bubble and/or turn a disturbing shade of purple. Always ask if the tint being used comes with a guarantee and make sure a professional installs your tint, so it will be installed properly. One of the number one signs of a good tint is that the edges come as close to the window edge as possible and the edges are clean.

For a proper, high-quality, legal tint, call us today at Clear Quality Auto Glass at (702) 468-9730.

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