One of the most common oversights when taking a good hard look at the physical integrity of your vehicle is the seal on your windshield. A proper seal is crucial, especially when you get caught in inclement weather. Heavy rain, harsh hail and thick snow, as well as fast winds can seriously take advantage of a damaged or improperly-installed seal around your windshield and windows.


How To Identify Faulty Seals on Your Windshield


The biggest telltale is going to show itself when you lease expect it—and when you really don’t want it to: heavy rain. It’s one universal weather pattern that we’re all used to, and that we may not be ready for. Don’t dispel any mild to moderate levels of hydration on the interior of your car. Little droplets of water on the dashboard could be slipping in through a broken seal, and once they’ve been tainted, the rest of the damages come quicker.


Why Self-Sealers Don’t Really Work


It’s not just about applying sealant to the area. You can do that, and it may hold up for a short while, but the area is still weakened compared to the rest of your windshield or window seal. Most of the time, you’ll find self repair guides online that tell you to replace the entire exterior seal, scrape away adhesive, and there are a lot of things that could go wrong. Even for the skilled handyman, there’s a laundry list of issues that can—and in most cases, they will—arise from a make-do fix.


Damages Caused by a Broken Seal


It’s not just about moisture getting into your vehicle. Your windshield is the chest plate equivalent to your car interior’s armor. Moisture can be a problem, and cause black mold to form inside the fabric along the roof of your car, your seats, and anything in between. It’s not bias towards one type of fabric or the other. Apart from that, our area in Las Vegas and Henderson is susceptible to dust storms, and the winds they bring with them are no jokes. If your seal is busted, wind will flood into your car, tearing further damage in your seal. It’s conceivable that dust storms could tear your windshield off, fill your car with sand, and if the damage is severe enough, propel any belongings left in the car into the storm.

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