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Windowing tinting isn’t just a cosmetic feat anymore – there’s great benefits and function that come into play. Window tinting for your vehicle can have benefits you may not have known about, including health effects, and even saving gas by not utilizing the air conditioner as often. The team at Clear Quality Auto Glass is here to help!


UV Protection

The sun’s rays are extremely harmful to the skin. In most instances, we only need about ten minutes of sunlight to get our full vitamin D intake. Prolonged exposure beyond that point opens us up to skin damage. Proper window tinting can block between 99-100% of all UVA and UVB rays from entering your vehicle’s windows, and causing damage to your skin.


Maintaining Your Interior

When your vehicle is sitting there, the sun’s poking in through the windshield and windows. It isn’t heat that’s damaging your interior seating (though we’ll get into that in a moment), it’s UV rays. Leather will fade and become easier to crack, fabric colors will fade and lose that plush feeling. This also affects materials that you may have on your door’s dash, carpeting, and what’s we’ll get into next: plastic.


Plastic and Chemical Vapors

It’s no secret that cars aren’t made like they used to be. There’s a load of plastic everywhere you look, from your center console to your dashboard. Heat magnifies through your windshield and “cooks” the plastic in your car. While it’s not going to do anything to your interior seating, enough heat, especially on a hot summer’s day, will release vapors and make them airborne. Chemicals found in plastic will be ingested, and that’s never a good thing for your health. Point blank: tinted windows repel heat instead of inviting it inside.


Reduce or Eliminate Distracting Glares

With your tinted windows, you’ll be able to avoid distractions on the road. Whether you’re travelling somewhere that’s snowy, or you’re on the road in the middle of the brightest day of the year, distracting glares happen. Reduce distractions, thereby increasing your visibility. In today’s world of distracted driving, taking out any variables you possible can is a leg-up on everyone else.


Windshield Replacement in Henderson, Las Vegas

Replacing and tinting your windows/windshield is our specialty. Reduce UV damage to your interior, lower the need to exhaust your air conditioner, and avoid glaring distractions, all with a simple phone call. We’re Henderson’s leading provider for windshield replacement and tinting.

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