We all have that morning commute battle with our car. We stare at the little divot in the windshield and tell ourselves, ‘It’s fine, I don’t need to get it taken care of.” Then it gets bigger. “It’s still fine, I’m sure it will stop.” And now, we’re here—getting windshield replacement in Las Vegas, Henderson is quick and painless, but if you can save it with a repair, go for it. Here’s how to identify if you need windshield replacement or not.

The Difference Between a Chip and a Crack

A crack in the windshield can be filled in or fixed, but a chip is usually pretty serious. If you can see that small spiderweb effect on a sizable divot in your windshield, it may be beyond repair. The worst thing you can do is continue to drive around like that. Many drivers make the mistake of not getting it taken care of, but it poses a major safety issue.

If it’s just cracked, getting an onsite tech to fill it in and make a nearly-flawless repair is a breeze. Some techs can even handle this while your car is parked at work while you’re bringing home the bacon, making it a simple process.

When You Need Full Windshield Replacement

Can you feel any sort of air coming in through your windshield? Yeah—that’s a problem. While it usually doesn’t get this bad without causing immense damage to the glass, your windshield can start leaking in air, and that’s when the real damage begins. Your car is a bubble moving at a rapid speed, and when you open that bubble, air gets in to not only slow you down, but cause damage to everything that isn’t nailed down.

Receipts go flying, your hair gets messed up, but when it comes to wind entering your windshield, it’s eroding the entry area and enlarging the area, which will eventually get noticed by a police officer, and will eventually get you a ticket. It’s more about safety than anything else, but if you’re not concerned about personal safety (you should be), at least get it taken care of for the sake of saving yourself a ticket.

Flawless Windshield Replacement

Clear Quality Auto Glass doesn’t just fix your windshield; we fix your peace of mind. Drive without worrying about getting pulled over, about your windshield cracking further and splitting, and just enjoy the ride.

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