Only a few things can be as frustrating as having your car windows stuck within the door. Not only is it a safety risk, but it is also extremely uncomfortable during a drive. This is especially true in warmer areas such as Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, where car air conditioning is vital to a comfortable driving experience. In such cases, seeking power window repair is absolutely essential.

But this presents another problem. Since power windows are especially tricky to tackle, they can only be fixed by an experienced professional at places such as Clear Quality Auto Glass. And given that a credible professional is not immediately available on call, there are times when you might need to make do with stuck power windows for a while. This notion also holds when you have to drive somewhere urgently. 

In such instances, the following tips could help you brave through stuck power windows quickly.

Get Your Mechanical Instincts On

While you wait to get your car to a power window repair professional at a place like Clear Quality Auto Glass, try to fix your windows temporarily. The process is a bit intense, but it would at least save you from having to park your car with its windows open or drive in sweltering heat without air conditioning. 

It is Essential to Learn How Power Windows Work

Before you start playing mechanic, it is crucial to understand how power windows work. This would help you understand why your windows stopped working, and why it would or wouldn’t be possible to fix them yourself. 

Similar to manual windows, power windows use motors to drive themselves up or down. But in contrast to their manual counterparts, the motors are powered via electrical charge than a manual crank. This is why the mechanisms behind power windows are quite sophisticated and use a motor, wiring, and switches to make them work. 

Depending upon what went wrong with your window, you could temporarily fix them and at least drive them up. To do so, you need some precision and a lot of patience. 

Turn Your Ignition Key On. Make sure that your ignition key is on. Afterward, push the window button and keep it pressed. 

Open the Car’s Door. Open your door while keeping the window button pressed. 

Close the Car’s Door. Close the door with normal pressure while keeping your finger on the window button. This might get your window to roll up.

It Might Not Work the First Time. This solution might not work the first time, which is why you need to make sure you are opening and closing the door a few times.

When It Works, Leave Your Window Up. If you were able to “fix” your window this way, don’t roll it down again. This is only a temporary fix that might not work still. You must get your car to a power window repair professional at Clear Quality Auto Glass as soon as you can. 

There are other methods for fixing your power windows temporarily, but they are just as much of a hit or miss as any other solution. It is crucial that you get your power windows fixed by a professional at your earliest, so your car could stay safe from weather conditions and security risks. 

Contact a Professional Window Repair Service Today

With five locations throughout Las Vegas, you can quickly and easily have your windows repaired or replaced at your convenience at Clear Quality Auto Glass. 

With our mobile glass repair and replacement service, you could get your windows repaired at a time and place that works best for you. 

We work around your schedule and your needs, so you can have your vehicle restored without taking time out of your day. 

For straightforward, affordable rates and consistent, exceptional quality, feel free to reach out to us today. We will be glad to look into your power window repair on an immediate basis so that you could drive your car around hassle-free.

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