Las Vegas, NV, one of the world’s top tourist destinations, has quite a polarizing reputation among the general public. While many view Sin City as a hub of modern entertainment, others often ponder over the class difference between those who live here and those who just visit it “for kicks”. Regardless of the class you belong to, not many things can save you from accidents as detrimental as sustaining a broken windshield on your own car – or worse, the one that you rented for your trip about town or even to adjacent regions such as Henderson NV.

In this case, while what happens in Vegas, still stays in Vegas, its effects could haunt you wherever you go if you are not fortunate enough to avoid a windshield accident or lucky enough to find a reliable windshield replacement service to take care of the damage afterward.

If you are planning your trip to the gambling capital of the world anytime soon, remember these top causes of broken windshields in the city, just so you could be wary of the related surroundings as much as you can.


1. Full Speed Ahead

As you may have already guessed, one of the top causes of broken or damaged windshields in Las Vegas, NV, is car accidents. Whether you are driving on the Strip or on one of the nearby tracks that are infamous for their traffic, running into another car is more common in Las Vegas, NV, than you would have originally thought.

While making your way through the city, ensure to keep a good head on your shoulders and drive as responsibly as you can.


2. Botched Installation

Whether you obtained your car from a nearby town such as Henderson NV, or from a fancy hotel in Las Vegas, NV, there could be a chance that the original owner of the car fell prey to a botched windshield replacement installation (in the case that this was your own car, make a mental note never to go to that provider ever again).

A bad windshield replacement job often causes various degrees of damage to the installed glass, resulting in cracks, spots, and even downright obstruction due to extensive and sudden damage caused by repeated vibration. So, if you are cruising down Caesar’s Palace and notice a crack appear out of nowhere on the windshield, you would know who to blame.


3. Cheap Materials

The last thing that you could expect from something associated with the entertainment capital of the world is for it to be cheap. But the truth of the matter is that yes, things in Las Vegas, NV, could be as cheap as the city’s reputation of its class disparity.

Using low quality material during a windshield replacement installation is one of the many causes behind windshield damage in Las Vegas, NV. Make sure that if you are driving your own vehicle to the Sin City, then it is not a victim of cheap installation – and if you are renting a car, then it is from a reliable provider.


Using a Reliable Windshield Replacement Provider Could Help With These Issues

No matter if you were driving your own car or a rental if you sustain windshield damage while on the road in Las Vegas or Henderson NV, you’ll need to call a windshield repair and replacement service, preferably one that could provide mobile services, just so you could make your way back to your residence or your accommodation safely.

As a reliable and experienced provider of windshield replacement services, Clear Quality Auto Glass is the solution to any unexpected issues that you experience with your windshield. With our experienced team only a call away, Clear Quality Auto Glass is here to help.

Call Clear Quality Auto Glass whenever you need auto glass repair or replacement, in shop or mobile, and you won’t be disappointed with our fast, yet high quality, services that you are provided by our professional auto glass technicians.

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