The number of options available when choosing window tint can be a bit overwhelming. Tint provides an affordable way to protect your car’s interior from the damaging Las Vegas sun, reduce glare, improve the overall look of your vehicle, and reduce interior heat.


But of course not all window tint options are created equal, and the best solutions are sometimes hard to determine among the crowd. This being said, we wanted to

provide some tips to help you choose the best window tint that will give you the benefits you desire and the durability you need.


Types of Tint

The first step in narrowing your window tint choices is understanding the different types available on the market today. Window tinting falls into two basic categories: metalized film and non-reflective film. Metalized films help provide privacy and reflect the solar energy which keeps it from damaging and heating your car’s interior. Non-reflective film actually uses solar absorption to provide both heat and glare control but compared to metalized films, dyed tint is less effective when it comes to controlling solar heat absorption.


Car window tint comes in a variety of colors, with black, charcoal, gold, and bronze being the most popular. Matching your style and vehicle color has never been easier.


Available Features

When deciding on window tint, breaking down your options based on the available features may help. Some of these features include:

  • Shade – the color of the window tint. A variety of colors allows you to select one that is aesthetically pleasing and complimentary to your vehicle’s overall look.
  • Clarity – your vehicle needs window tint that provides clear visibility, reduces reflection, and improves clarity during both night and day.
  • Color stability – this determines how well the color will hold up against years of exposure to UV radiation so you want to look for tint choices with long color stability.
  • Solar control – reducing the sun’s solar rays is critical in and around Las Vegas, NV — excessive heat creates an interior that’s uncomfortable and unsafe.


Where to Turn For Professional Tint

Clear Quality Auto Glass is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company and window tint experts have a combined total of over 50 years in the industry. Everything we use is American made, from our tools to the repair and replacement products we use on vehicles. We believe we have a responsibility to support US jobs and jobs in our local community, therefore we will continue to seek out only locally or USA made products. Contact us to talk about your auto glass tinting or windshield replacement today!

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