technicians conducting auto glass replacement on a Mercedes windshield

Auto glass replacement happens to almost every driver, and it’s hugely annoying, but it’s part of the price we pay for having cars. So, here are the most common causes and some suggestions for avoiding them:


Even small mishaps can cause minor cracks, especially when the impact is on the side. Energy travels through the car frame, which can cause the windshield to flex enough to crack. This, by the way, could indicate a bent frame, which is a very serious problem. If your windshield cracks in an accident, you should get a frame check to avoid bigger problems down the road. (Pun intended.)


Missiles may fly from a truck improperly covered; might be kicked up from the road bed by a tire; could even be launched by a wind storm. Keep your distance, when you can, and, when you can’t, contact Clear Quality Auto Glass for a windshield replacement that will meet the manufacturer’s warranty without breaking the bank.

Extreme Temperatures

Remember grade school, “Heat expands things and cold contracts them”? Automotive glass is formulated and laminated to handle the extreme daily highs and lows of Nevada. However, if you wash your car on a hot day or use hot water to de-ice your windshield, you might overstress the glass and crack it. Wash your car during cooler parts of the day and always scrape ice off.

Incorrect Installation

With Clear Quality Auto Glass, this just doesn’t happen, we train the installers at all five Las Vegas locations to the highest standards. But, if you got your windshield elsewhere, incorrect installation can leave you with a loose fit. If the glass is loose, the vibration of normal driving could crack it. Notice any reverberation noise or vibration in the glass? Bring your car in immediately, so we can fix a little problem before it becomes a big one.

Low-Quality Glass

Again, you’ll never buy cheap, low-quality windshield glass at Clear Quality. Defects may not be immediately visible, but inconsistencies in the production process can turn into big cracks over time. Our technicians use reliable windshields from trustworthy suppliers. Yes, you’ll pay a little more than you’d pay at a cut-rate auto glazier, and you’ll be glad you did.

Come on Down

Many small chips, even small spider cracks, can be repaired without a full windshield replacement. We’ll always take that route when we can — and many insurance companies will cover chip repairs fully. With five locations in easy reach of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson, Clear Quality Auto Glass is your clear choice.

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