When your automobile’s windshield gets cracked and you must get it replaced there are two types of auto glass that are available to you – aftermarket and OEM, which leaves many owners questioning which option is the best choice.


Aftermarket Glass


Aftermarket glass is made by a company other than the original glass fabricator. Or, in some cases, made by the same company on a production line separate from the OEM manufacturer. Some aftermarket glass is similar in quality to OEM parts, but some of course are not. The cost savings for those paying for windshield replacements out-of-pocket is generally the main reason cited for the selection, but there is debate among those in the auto glass industry whether aftermarket glass is of equal quality to OEM glass.


Some automobile manufacturers require that their windshields with cameras or sensors located on them only be replaced with OEM parts. According to the manufacturers, replacing the windshield with anything other than OEM parts may result in errors as aftermarket glass often does not account for complex electrical components and may interfere with your vehicle’s electronic systems, or cause them to not function at all. Bearing that in mind however, unless your vehicle has special needs as described above, in the event that your insurance company is footing the bill for the replacement, it is very likely that they will recommend an aftermarket windshield.


Using a professional, well known and reputable auto glass company, such as Clear Quality Auto Glass in Henderson, Nevada, can help to ensure that you make the selection best suited for your needs. Some large glass manufacturers make both OEM and aftermarket products, meaning they have more tools for their product line and can be quite similar across both markets.


OEM Windshield Replacement


OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer and the parts meet the original-equipment specifications. If your vehicle has one of the specifications listed above or you drive a higher end luxury model, it may be a wise choice to consider OEM glass. Vehicle manufacturers bid out their OEM window glass contracts for their vehicles and the glass manufacturer that is awarded the contract is provided the exact specifications to produce the OEM auto glass window. They receive license to stamp the vehicle manufacturers name and logo on the windshield and there may be multiple manufacturers working on different windows for a vehicle model. As said above however, many of them are also the same manufacturers that produce aftermarket auto glass for windshield replacements.


Vehicle manufacturers restrict OEM window glass production and sell the OEM replacement glass through their partner dealerships to help generate additional revenue. In addition, the vehicle VIN number can only be decoded at the dealership for window components like rain sensors and antennas – helping to drive customers to dealerships for windshield and window replacements.


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