The heatwave of summer can come rolling in with a whole host of concerns for health and safety. In Las Vegas, we get to know the summer heat all too well, but often we forget to take care of the vehicles that are an extension of our own safety.


With the extreme temperatures in Nevada, heat can actually cause the damaging cracks that will lead you to require windshield replacement. Clear Quality Auto Glass is happy to get you on the road again with these repairs, but we would also like to offer you some insight to keep your windshield whole and your peace of mind in tact this summer.


Parking in the shade can be tough in crowded shopping areas, or on busy streets, but it is your first defense against sun and temperature damage to your windshield that can build up over time and with prolonged exposure.


Changing temperatures too quickly is another culprit that brings vehicles in every summer for windshield replacement. Of course the first thing you do when you hop in your hot car is turn the air conditioning on all the way, but this rapid cooling can be the cause of damage to the glass in your vehicle. Try a slower cooling process, or begin by rolling your windows down. Remember this helpful tip when winter rolls around, and avoid the mistake of warming your car too quickly!


In fact, when we work on your windshield replacement, we always check all of our tools and materials to make sure we are working at temperatures that will not cause or worsen glass damages. We check your auto glass’s temperature and that of our tools and materials to make sure your glass isn’t too warm to work on, or our tools cool enough to cause cracks.


If your windshield is already cracked summer’s heat can cause these damages to spread and deepen at an extremely rapid rate. Consider getting these minor damages repaired while they still can be, so you can avoid a total windshield replacement this summer.


Summer’s heat may cause damages to your vehicle’s glass, but it can also make the windshield replacement process more efficient as hot weather can cut down on the essential drying time involved. We also need the resin we work with to be at a relatively warm temperature, so the heat can in fact speed our work along.


Whatever the weather, Clear Quality Auto Glass works to keep your vehicle in the very best condition for your safety and satisfaction.

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