Window tinting adds long-term value to cars, trucks, RVs and vans.

Window tinting is like buying sunglasses for your vehicle. You wouldn’t go out in the bright Nevada desert sun without shading your eyes or protecting your skin, give your vehicles the same care. Glare reduces visibility and causes eye strain; reducing glare reduces accidents. (Of course, nothing can prevent all accidents and, if you hit that unlucky number, tinting film helps prevent flying glass fragments, decreasing the chance of injury for you and your passengers.)

Drive more comfortably and more safely.

Less light coming in lowers the interior heat, and, let’s face it, Las Vegas, Henderson and neighboring towns are warmer in the winter than many places in the USA at the height of summer. Ease your air conditioner’s workload; you’ll get better gas mileage and that means you’ll save money every single day of the long, hot summer.

In addition to auto safety, I’ll bet you didn’t know Nevada ranks among the lowest states for rates of skin cancer, despite having more sunny days than any state except New Mexico. Las Vegas and Henderson are home to very smart people, they know window tinting reduces harmful light – the UVa and UVb rays which increase cancer risks. Imagine handing each passenger one of those little bottles of sunscreen. Silly right? Not silly, that’s exactly what you do when you tint your windows, except there’s no chance of someone accidentally squirting that goop on your seat covers instead of their arm.

Everybody knows that cars, trucks and vans look better with window tinting, right?

Well, some do, and some don’t. Of course, you can save money buying aftermarket kits and adding your own window tinting. Have you seen the result? The Las Vegas, Henderson area has harsh summer weather that will take advantage of every flaw in your home tint job. The smallest mistake can result in puckering, bubbles or peeling, which just looks awful and decreases protection against faded cloth interiors or dry, cracked leather interiors. While you own your car, do you want to look at ugly windows? When you sell it, do you want to lose hundreds of dollars? Get it done right, by the experts. Your vehicle will look great while you own it and be worth more when you sell it.

One last point: Nevada law is very specific about window tinting. Every Clear Quality Auto Glass product comply fully with state law. Don’t get cited because you trusted some cut-rate shop that doesn’t care, get professional service from the auto glass professionals at Clear Quality.

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