Scuffs & Scratches: Ways to Keep Them Away from Car Windshields

Remember the first scratch that you ever got in your new car? No one forgets the auto glass chafes (no matter how shallow it is!). The reason is that once you see a mark on the panoramic windshield, you can’t unsee it! However, scratches are more than a means of aesthetics. That said, if left untreated, scratches can deepen over time and pose a threat to the safety of people.

Every car owner would agree that only a few things can break their heart, like a peeving scratch on the windshield. There is a way to avoid this heartbreak and protect your car’s windshield. Window repair in Las Vegas or worldwide is a sure-shot way to get glass corrected, but as they say, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, we are presenting a few tips you should keep in your mind to keep the auto glass in premium condition.

Ninja techniques to keep car’s windshield scratch-free

  • Make it a ritual to clean it regularly.

It is a fact that wipers are used to clean auto windshields, but that doesn’t mean you can’t clean it otherwise! If unfortunately, grits get stuck between the windshield and the glass, it can result in scratches on it.

It is essential to clean the wipers and windshields when they get dirty using proper fabric like microfiber or cotton cloths while cleaning.

  • If impaired, replace the wiper blades!

These are the easiest parts that can wear down in an auto. And fortunately, wiper blade replacement is an achievable task even by a layperson. Another best part about this situation is that blades are inexpensive auto parts and are almost available at every supply store in the neighborhood.

The step is vital as the wiper blade hardens as they age, and it can put a scratch on the windshield; the chances get higher when there is an object stuck under the blades.

  • Always keep the wiper fluid reservoir stocked.

It is vital to keep the tank full and keep a check on the water fluid levels routinely. This is, without any second thoughts, the easiest way to keep the glass scratch-free. Water facilitates lubrication and thereby lowers the risk of scratches when the wiper moves over the windshield to get rid of dust and dirt. Again, ensure to have a wiper bottle always in stock.

  • Last but important, don’t look past minor windshield scratches!

By sticking to the points shared above, you can cut down your chances of inflicting scratches on your car’s windshield. But, just in case you get one even after being careful, it is advisable to get it treated by professionals.

For instance, when our customers reach out to us with a similar situation, we offer them a thorough assessment boiling to the best solution possible for the issue. This step is essential to keep yourself and your travel companions safe on the road!
A stitch in time saves nine; similarly, treating minor symptoms on time can prevent a major catastrophe from falling on you later (both in terms of physical and financial stress)! Try running your fingers over a minor scratch on your car’s windshield, and it won’t feel anything like anything minor. Contact us when you feel like you are in a similar situation, and we will see if you need a glass replacement in Las Vegas or a repair.