The most dangerous time to be on the road in America is basically from November 15th, all the way through the first week of January. That being said, you want to be safe out on the road. You have kids in the car, pets, or at the very least—yourself. Everybody wants to avoid holiday disasters, and here’s how.

Lane Switching

One of the most common times to be in an accident out on the road is when you’re switching lanes. You can get sideswiped pretty easily. It’s the perfect chance to get right where you don’t want to be—into someone’s blind spot. Switch lanes as infrequently as possible. If you know that you have to exit in the next few miles, scope out the exit lane and take your time getting over there.

Don’t Pull All-Nighters

You’ve got to cover 1,400 miles, and you want to do it in a day. Well, that’s not wise. Plan your trip accordingly, accounting for every last second of time that you possibly can. When you get tired, pull off the road and get something toe at, and walk around for a bit. Decide then if you’re going to find a hotel, or if you’re going to keep going. Be proactive and honest with yourself.

Caffeine Isn’t the Answer

Coming down off a caffeine spike can be dangerous, especially if it’s coupled with coming down off a sugar rush. If it’s late at night, skip on the coffee and keep yourself alert. It’s far easier to feel yourself out and see if you need to pull over and rest when you’re not being kept awake by soon-to-expire caffeine surges.

Get a Phone Dock

Apart from the fact that texting and driving is illegal, and talking on the phone while driving is illegal in certain states, you want to cut out as many distractions as possible. We all use our phones to stream or store music; plus in the auxiliary cable or tune into Bluetooth, and keep it on shuffle—you want to keep your hands on the wheel as often as possible. It’s those last-minute interactions that we want full control over to avoid an accident.

Vehicle In Check?

If you wouldn’t drive down the road in your car, you probably shouldn’t take it across the country, either. When your windshield has a crack in it and needs to be replaced, it’s best to do that before you take to the lonely road. We can help with that.


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