While rust may not be the first thing you think about when considering the elements of Las Vegas and Henderson, it can be a huge problem for your automobile’s windshield if left untreated. The ‘groove’ that attaches your windshield to the rest of the car is made from metal, surprising I know, and because it isn’t somewhere we normally inspect, it can easily rust and lead to seriously dangerous conditions.


The Seal is the Deal!


If the windshield’s fitted groove is rusted, there’s more than a good chance that the overall seal has been compromised as well. While this can result in small annoyances such as decreased noise reduction or increased vibration detection, it can also lead to complete detachment, especially if in an unfortunate accident. This can have an adverse affect on airbag deployment as well as the effectiveness of the passenger restraint system.


An improper seal can also lead to leaks, which again can result in rust. When water gets trapped between the glass and groove, it will do what it does best when encountering metal and eventually it’s going to rust. While not every seal breach will lead to rust, do you really want to chance it?


Don’t Trust Your Ride to Just Anyone!


Unfortunately, many times rust in the windshield pinchweld is caused by an improper installment by a previous company. Lack of proper preparation procedures, inferior craftsmanship, and unacceptable cleaning are all factors that can lead to rust. In extreme cases you could even have to complete costly repairs before receiving a replacement windshield and unfortunately, the longer you wait… the worse the problem is going to get.


Professional Windshield Help is Here!


Clear Quality Auto Glass is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured windshield & glass replacement service that has Drow Certification along with certification by the National Glass Association. With five locations throughout Las Vegas and one in Henderson, you can easily have your windshield replaced at your convenience. Our company provides straightforward, affordable rates and consistent, exceptional quality for complete auto glass replacement, windshield replacement, glass repair, window tinting and more on your car, RV, boat, or truck. If your windshield, windows, or mirrors have been damaged and require replacement or repair, we will quickly, efficiently, and affordably resolve it for you.


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