You may have seen more than a few drivers on the road with a cracked windshield, or wondered how long you could go if your windshield were damaged. We can’t always anticipate all the ways our cars can run into problems, or what we will be doing when they happen. However, Clear Quality Auto Glass can guarantee the best service in auto glass replacement and repair when you need to get back on the road with peace of mind. Here we hope to provide you important insight about the safety of your vehicle, so you can decide when the time is right to schedule your repairs.


Considering Cost

We want you to know our company’s mission involves prices that are positively reasonable. You may also know Nevada is a no fault state, so if you have comprehensive auto coverage, you should be paying only the amount up to your deductible, and auto glass replacement will likely be covered. We know time is money, too, and with repairs that can take less than 30 minutes, we can get your on your way sooner. For this same reason, the sooner you seek repairs, generally the less expensive they will be.


We work hard to train our team to be friendly, ask the right questions, and have answers, so speaking with us to work out your pricing is the best way to get Las Vegas’ highest quality repair services from any of our 5 locations, at prices you can afford today.


Size Matters

The four types of smaller chips, (star, flower, BB, and Bull’s Eye,) are simple repairs we can do right away without going the total auto glass replacement route. With these smaller kinds of cracks and chips, you may still be able to drive a few more hundred miles, as long as the crack is not in an area that will obstruct your view. When the chip begins to spread to the size of a dollar, or larger than the palm of your hand, your windshield needs more than a standard chip repair, and needs service right away. Spider cracks are usually this size when they happen, or can spread to this size within a few days, so schedule a repair as soon as you see them.


You should know, Nevada’s windshield laws are not exact in their language about cracks, beyond requiring that nothing is interfering with the driver’s view – so an officer may use their discretion to decide how and if to ticket you.


Number of cracks

If you find two or more cracks in your windshield, the glass has been compromised and you should seek auto glass replacement services or repair services right away.



With the increase of technology in cars, a growing concern is that windshield cracks can interfere with the sensors that operate in your vehicle. Get these cracks repaired right away. Alternatively, a single small crack on the passenger’s side may be less obtrusive, allowing you a few days to schedule a more convenient repair.

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