No matter how much you love your vehicle, nobody likes unsightly chips, cracks, or breaks in their windshields. Little chips can quickly turn into larger cracks and then easily domino into an issue that obstructs your view or even presents a safety issue to you and your passengers. But how do you know when it’s time for a windshield replacement instead of opting for repair or biding your time? Today’s article helps break it down.


Windshield Chips

A chip usually occurs when a rock or other small object impacts your windshield, scoring the glass and causing a small damaged area. These may be very small spots that are barely noticeable but usually, drivers are made aware of their existence almost instantly because they hear the loud pop of the impact when cars in front of them either fling debris or they’re hit by pebbles and small rocks falling from large trucks on the road.


Even though chip damage may seem quite minor, it’s important to have it repaired as quickly as possible. Just basic, everyday driving, the weather, and the use of your windshield wipers and washer fluid can force dirt, dye, and debris into the chip and the longer you wait, the less effective a repair will be.


Windshield Cracks Should Be Addressed Quickly

Cracks can be caused by several factors and there’s actually several types of cracks and the type of crack is generally determined by where the impact happened on the windshield — E.G. a “floater” is a crack that starts anywhere at least 2-inches away from the edge of the windshield and they can start out small but then spread in any given direction. An “edge” crack begins within 2-inches of the edge, is usually 10 – 12 inches long, and usually forms at the moment of impact.


Cracks can also be caused by chips that spread or stress points caused by damage or improper installation. However, many times cracks that are less than 6-inches in length can be repaired by an area glass professional.


It’s Definitely Time To Replace Your Windshield

If the chip is directly in your line of sight while driving, there is edge damage, you have more than 3 chips or cracks in the windshield, or it’s old and covered with small divots, you should replace the windshield as opposed to repair. In many vehicles these days the windshield serves as an important structural component that contributes to the overall strength of your vehicle. In order to prevent chips and cracks from growing and requiring a complete windshield replacement, they should be repaired as quickly as possible.


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