While driving around Las Vegas, suddenly you hear a pop on your windshield. You see a rock chip and think, “The last thing I need, right now, is to have to go in and get my windshield repaired.”

With Clear Quality Auto Glass, our mobile windshield replacement and repair program takes this overwhelming thought and makes it a thing of the past. No longer do you have to take a break from your busy schedule to take your car in, figure out how to survive without your car, and then have to make arrangements to have someone take you down to the repair shop to pick up your car.

Today, windshield repair or replacement is as easy as picking up your phone and then scheduling a mobile glass replacement appointment without ever having to inconvenience yourself by bringing in your car. Our goal is to keep you from missing any time from work or play. With Clear Quality Auto Glass’s Mobile windshield replacement, we come to you at a time and place that is convenient for you.

Not only is our mobile replacement convenient, but it is also:

Cost-effective – in days past, because of the inconvenience of taking your car in, most people would put off their windshield repair until the chip became a crack and then the whole windshield had to be replaced. The difference between a chipped windshield and a cracked one is in the higher price because, most likely, the windshield will now have to be replaced.

Safe – most people do not know that a windshield is one of the most important parts of a car. This is because the windshield helps support the roof. A weakened windshield presents many dangers, from the risk of having the glass shatter to having the roof collapse. All it takes to crack or shatter a weakened windshield is a change in temperature, a slammed door or driving on rough roads. Keep safe by picking up your phone and getting Clear Quality Auto Glass to replace your windshield chip or crack immediately. Our mobile repair is also ideal for companies who use heavy machinery. Every day off the job site can equal money lost. We can come to your location and repair or replace your damaged glass quickly and with long-lasting results. The same is also true for recreational vehicles.

When it comes to auto glass repair or replacement in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas, never get caught without your car again. Contact Clear Quality Auto Glass today and let us show how simple and affordable auto glass replacement really is.  

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