First, the good news: Nevada laws do not specifically mention windshield cracks. Now, the bad news: The law forbids driving vehicles with an obstructed view of the road. That’s any crack that might block your view, almost anywhere on the windscreen and, without a specific definition, law enforcement has wide discretion deciding what constitutes an obstruction. More bad news: The feds are in on the game, federal regulations forbid windshield chips over 3/4-inch diameter or cracks closer than 3 inches to each other. Don’t you just love bureaucrats?

Yeah, thanks to them, you get to start every day tape measuring your windshield. That sounds like fun. You risk a police record, higher insurance rates and a court date, all of which will end up costing you a whole lot more than simply replacing the windshield.

Everybody remembers our first lesson in physics: Heat expands things and cold contracts them. Deserts like the Las Vegas, Henderson area can get very cold at night and very hot in the day. That means a tiny crack can break from corner to corner in an instant, without any warning.

If it does, get it fixed. These laws are designed to keep you (and everybody else on the road) safer. The police don’t want to hassle you, and they understand that your situation can change literally overnight. But they have a job to do, so there’s no reason to make everybody’s life harder. Windshield replacement is so easy, just drive on up to any Clear Quality location and you’ll be done as quick as we can do it. If time is tight, call ahead for an appointment. If coming in is a problem, call us and we’ll come to you. Most insurance companies cover the whole cost of rock chip repair, and some fully cover replacement windshields. They figure a chip is cheaper than a full windshield and a new windscreen is a whole lot less expensive than cleaning up an accident. Call your agent to make sure, then call Clear Quality, we can bill them directly.

One last thought: The law says replacement windshield glass has to be of the same type and quality as the original and all repairs should restore the vehicle to its “original” state. Don’t worry about what that means, call Clear Quality Auto Glass, they know. The professionals have what you need, they will install your windshield replacement quickly and properly – in accordance with every law and regulation you’ve never heard of – so you can drive off into the sunset a happy cowboy.

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