There are few things as disappointing for a car owner as a lousy window tinting job. Regardless of the fact that you did the window tinting job yourself as a DIY project or had it done by a so-called professional at a low price, botched window tinting is enough to throw off the whole look of your vehicle. 

Thankfully, fixing a lousy window tinting job is not impossible. While it takes some time and highly skilled professionals, it is undoubtedly worth it in terms of restoring your window’s former looks. If you are not satisfied with your tinting job, here’s how to tell if it doesn’t meet up with actual quality standards, and how to change it for the better in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. 

How to Tell If Your Window Tinting Job is Bad

Usually, a wrong window tint would be so evident that you would be able to identify it rather quickly. At other times, you only get acclimated with its adverse effects after using it along with your many drives. 

By keeping the following points in mind, you would be able to identify the quality of your window tinting job quickly.

The Discoloration is Very Apparent

One of the most apparent signs of a lousy tinting job is the discoloration of the tint. Sometimes, it makes its presence known right after the procedure is completed. At others, it starts appearing after a few days. 

In either case, it shows itself as a bad and low-quality tinting job, which affects your car’s overall looks while also defeating the purpose of the tinting. 

Considering that discoloration spreads through the window with time, it is essential to contact a window tinting professional as soon as you notice it.

There Are More Bubbles Than You Can Count

Another undeniable sign of a poor tinting job is the appearance of bubbles under the tinting film. 

These bubbles could immediately make your windows, as well as your whole car, look cheap. It affects the look of your vehicle by a large margin, and causes issues in your line of sight through the window. 

Usually, bubbles appear immediately after a bad window tinting. But they could also take a few days to appear. Whenever it happens, make sure that your next stop is at a professional tinting provider.

The Tint Starts to Peel Off

This sign appears in bad window tints after a few days, but in extreme cases, this is also very apparent within a few hours. 

Whatever the case might be, it remains and looks just as bad. A window tint that is peeling off makes your car look unkempt, and with time, gets peeled off completely. 

To get ahead of it, have your window tinting redone through a high-quality professional at a place like Clear Quality Auto Glass. This gets rid of this issue altogether.

Contact Experienced Professionals To Help Restore Your Windows

Whenever going through the consequences of bad window tints, aim to look into professional help. 

Most of the time, the cause behind a bad window tint is a DIY job or a cheap service provider. To avoid potential issues, make sure to seek the services of an experienced professional at Clear Quality Auto Glass. 

At Clear Quality Auto Glass, we can ensure to not only fix your bad window tinting job but also make your windows look as good as new. With our expertise, the window tints that we perform on your car are long-lasting while also not going above your budget. 

With five locations throughout Las Vegas, you can have your window tinting fixed at your convenience. We also offer mobile dispatch services, which allow us to fix your windows at your location. With exceptional quality and affordable rates, we ensure that our services stand apart from other providers in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. 

Whether you want a fix to your window tinting job or need one from scratch, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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