Whether it’s a sight to see, or a joint worth driving to, there’s a near-infinite number of things you can do in the surrounding areas of Sin City, and our hometown of Henderson. We’re focusing on the best spots you can pull up to, soak in the view, and grin at your watch—that’s right. These are all within a one-hour drive from the strip, and you’re going to love every minute of the drive.


Valley of Fire State Park


If you’ve ever been fascinated with history, a short fifty-minute ride right out of Las Vegas is sure to quell your History Channel blues. Native American petroglyphs dot the area, carefully preserved and perfectly visible, and you even get access to information-rich areas teeming with mind blowing discoveries about the area. If you don’t fancy yourself a history buff, that’s okay—the view is worth the drive, and then some.


Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area


It doesn’t get any more Nevada than this. Desert foliage, gleaming red rocks in a cloudless sky. A mere twenty minutes away from the heart of Las Vegas, and you get a thirteen-mile circuit to traverse, getting a glimpse of the wildlife and varying degrees of plant life. It’s far from tall tower of bright lights and card shacks as far as the eye can see, but you were never in it for the money—you can’t buy a view this beautiful.


Mount Charleston


Many wouldn’t believe that you can find snowcapped peaks within an hour of Vegas and Henderson. Mount Charleston plays host to daily educational programs, all arranged by ultra-dedicated staff. Even if you just want somewhere to park and glare through your windshield at the magnificent site, you’ll find it at Mount Charleston.


Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area


Just south of Henderson, this near-50,000 acre area is arguably the most tranquil place on the face of the planet. No bustling streets, no powerlines—nothing but silence and the great outdoors. This is one spot that you’re surely going to fall in love with when you pull up to a parking area, but you have no idea what wonderment awaits until you trek into the depths of Sloan Canyon, and experience nature at its fullest.


There’s hardly enough room to fit every amazing attraction that Las Vegas and Henderson have to offer; these are our personal picks. Where’s life going to take you next?

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