Having your vehicle’s windshield replaced seems like it would be a pretty straightforward endeavor — you call the company of your choosing, they either come to you or you take the car/truck to them, they complete the job in a professional manner and you never have to worry about it. And that’s the way that it should be but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.


Glue, Glue, and More Glue

A quick web search will reveal a myriad of horror stories in regards to windshield replacements. One of the more prevalent is the tales of shoddy installations that results in a little something extra left around the edges… and on the hood… the dash… your seats. Glue is an integral part of the replacement process and you normally don’t see any signs of it when the procedure is done correctly. However, when it’s done wrong it is not only unsightly, it can be damaging and permanent.


It’s Just a Little Rip… Ding… Dent!

The last thing you expect from a “professional” company is more damage to your vehicle when you take it in for repair. Unfortunately, there are numerous customers out there that have experienced a wide array of damage, including areas you generally wouldn’t expect a windshield replacement to encroach upon. Headliner rips, destroyed trim, dashboard tears, and dings in the hood are rather widely reported but some of the more baffling ones include broken hood bolts and damage to front and rear bumpers.


HUD – Heads Up Disasters

Your Heads Up Display is a fantastic feature of your auto and replacing windshields with HUD requires precision and expertise. Getting your vehicle returned to you with inferior workmanship can result in skewed, blurry, and unreadable displays and you may end up having to return it to the shop for additional work. Which of course means more time without your vehicle.


Additional Features at No Additional Charge

Choosing the wrong company can result in you receiving new modifications that you probably never knew could be added to your car. Nice, loud whistling while going down the highway, a cool and refreshing splash of rainwater during storms, funhouse-esque rearview mirrors, and even self-fogging windows are all available with inferior installs.


Avoid the Nightmares

Sometimes it can seem like there are new windshield repair and replacement companies cropping up almost daily. While “cash back,” discounts, and deductible-waiving can all seem extra enticing, caution should be enacted before entrusting your vehicle and personal safety to someone else. At Clear Quality Auto Glass we are fully licensed, bonded, insured, and have been serving Las Vegas, Henderson, and surrounding cities for years.


Rest easy and forego the horror stories by contacting us today for your auto glass replacement, repair, and tinting needs.

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