We all know what road hazards are: Inclement weather, distracted driving, debris – but one thing that we often overlook is that little crack on the windshield. Even if you’re not going far from home, if you commute close to work, or if you think it’s “not that bad,” it could still be a hazard just waiting to affect your driving.


Windshields Are Sensitive to Temperatures


The way that your windshield was initially manufactured means that it’s not going to just break because it’s cold outside. Think of it as a bulletproof shield against the elements. When you get a crack in the shield, you develop a weak point, which can be used against you. Temperatures drop drastically at night in Henderson, Las Vegas, and those rapidly-changing conditions could spell an end for your windshield.


When you go too long without getting a repair, you’re letting that little crack get progressively bigger. It’s going to happen slowly without you noticing it, until those cold temperatures strike and send that crack sparking across your entire windshield.


Is It a Crack, or a Chip?


Those words tend to be so interchangeable among people that they don’t stop to realize that they’re talking about two entirely different things. You can repair a crack, you generally can’t repair a chip, or a divot. That ends up needing full windshield replacement, and chips are far more likely to cause you large-scale problems. A crack can remain dormant as it gets bigger, but a chip can be a serious problem right away.


Windshield Cracks and Bumps in the Road


Hitting a pothole already adds enough damage to the underside of your car, but that much jerking around can turn the crack in the windshield into broken glass. Due to the plastic located between the two pieces of your windshield glass, you’re not going to get covered in shards, but it can majorly impair your driving by spreading across the windshield.


Potholes or speed bumps that can affect your windshield should always be avoided. If you can’t bring you vehicle to a windshield replacement garage (and you shouldn’t be driving it with a cracked windshield anyway), you can have the experts come to you. Whether it’s a repair or replacement, you can have your problem washed away as if it never existed. All you have to do is pick up the phone.

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