Damaged Windshield? Here's What You Should Do Now!

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Unpredictable weather impacts men and machines alike. In automobiles, arbitrary temperature variations immediately affect the windshield—the biggest glass pane in any car. While it may not result in a direct cracking or chipping in the auto glass, it can further spread the damage to the rest of the windshield.

A damaged windshield poses a threat to the riders, passengers, and other people if left untreated. This is mainly because a windshield forms around 34% of structural integrity in a vehicle. This is a reason why reliable windshield replacement in Las Vegas is gaining popularity.

There are ways to prevent windshield damage by keeping the car away from direct sun or by balancing an optimal temperature balance between the exterior and interior of the vehicle. But, often, there are times when we miss taking precautions that compromise the quality of the windshield—a medium that protects you from debris, wind, rain, and bugs. This part’s function in a car makes it crucial to fix the damage as it appears!

Let's talk briefly about what causes windshield damage.

Factors that cause a windshield damage

  • Debris

The most common reason for front windshield damage is done by rocks or gravel thrown away from other running vehicle’s tires. However, that’s not all you have on the road; there are other elements, like loose pavement on an under-construction road, items that are carried away in open truck beds and trailers, and more, which can impair the auto part.

  • Temperature Variations

Southern Nevada is known for its sudden temperature changes that can impact your auto’s glass. The phenomenon is the same as throwing hot water on a cold windshield. Although auto glass is designed to adept flexibility with weather changes, it can resist till it meets its threshold.

  • Accidents

Several auto parts, including the windshield, are designed to absorb the impact of a collision in case of an accident. If that happens, the protective coverings and tempering prevent it from shattering into pieces. On the other hand, flying debris in case of accidents can result in glass chipping and cracking. 

  • Low-quality glass

The quality of the glass plays a major role in the windshield’s performance. Sellers often try to lure buyers into selling low-quality glass at low prices, which should be avoided at all costs!

  • Incorrect Installation

An inexperienced windshield technician can lead to improper windshield replacement that is sure to have a short lifespan and bring safety issues to riders and others.

Here are a few signs that suggest your windshield has been incorrectly installed.

  • There is a space between the frame and the glass.
  • While driving, the windshield rattles and makes cracking sounds.
  • You might see a new crack developing on the glass.
  • There is water leaking through the window.
  • There is an apparent gushing of winds through the windshield.
  • The glass of the windshield appears wavy or blurry.

If you see any of the above signs on the windshield, ensure to call a professional installer urgently to save you from a disaster. This is where we enter to save the situation!

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