Most car owners, at some time or another, face the dilemma of windshield repair. Once a windshield chip occurs, questions follow: Can I fix this myself? Does the whole windshield need to be replaced?

Windshield chip repair reduces the overall cost of having to replace the windshield, which is great. However, not replacing a severely damaged windshield can become a safety issue. How do you know which category your windshield falls into?   

Here is a list of chip repair basics to help you know whether your windshield needs a chip repair or a new windshield:

Type – there are four types of windshield chips: a star, a flower, a BB chip (like a BB gun), and a Bulls eye. Typically, these chips are smaller than a quarter in size and can be repaired without replacing the entire windshield.

Depth – How deep is the windshield chip? Since windshields are currently made of laminated glass, the depth can be contained a little bit better. Laminated windshields contain an extra plastic layer embedded between two layers of glass. This can help with depth damage and make chip repair more of an option.  

Location – A crack located on the driver’s side or near any cameras or sensors will need special consideration to determine whether the crack impairs the driver or interferes with a camera or sensor. Cracks located on the edge of a windshield also need to be examined for overall windshield safety.

Number of cracks – Typically, if a windshield has more than three cracks, special consideration will need to be given as to whether the whole windshield should be replaced.  

Spread-ability – Again, since windshields are currently made of laminated glass, the spread-ability can be contained a little bit better as opposed to the old days when nearly every chip spread instantly. At least until you can get to a windshield repair location.  

Spider crack – if the chip has cracks coming out of it and is larger than a dollar bill, this type of crack will not qualify for a standard chip repair.

Currently, chip repair is too easy for two great reasons:

Quick – Most repairs can be taken care of in less than 30 minutes.

Less costly – More and more insurance companies are covering the cost of chip repairs to reduce the cost of an entire windshield replacement. Check with yours to see.

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