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If you drive your car on a highway or a road, street or boulevard, you run the risk of experiencing a chip, crack or even broken or shattered glass. Not only does this present an inconvenience for you, a broken window is also a safety hazard and/or a security concern. Because of this, your broken auto glass must be repaired as quickly as possible by a skilled auto glass expert, like Clear Quality Auto Glass.

Most people panic upon the sight of a chip, crack or broken window. And then too many people turn their broken auto glass into a DIY (Do It Yourself) project and end up with a horror story. Know that when it comes to auto glass repair, this is one area that is best left up to the experts, like Clear Quality Auto Glass.

If you are not in a place where a repair is readily available, something must still be done to secure your vehicle. Follow these four simple steps to keep yourself, and your vehicle, safe:

Remove broken glass – making sure to cover your hands, remove as much of the broken glass as possible. Once the larger pieces are removed, a shop vacuum can be used to remove the smaller pieces.

Carefully wipe window seal and frame — using a damp cloth,  remove all dust and dirt. This is for the purpose of  making sure the tape you use to cover the window will stick appropriately. Remember, packing tape, while it works great for a quick glass repair, can damage your car’s exterior, so begin by taping from the inside of your car.  

Apply temporary window covering – this is where all the unsightly temporary window repairs, from cardboard to packing tape, to cellophane are all used to provide protection and security. While this temporary covering will not prevent break-ins, hopefully, they will discourage them.

Call your glass expert asap – make sure to call a glass expert, as soon as is possible, even for a mobile repair, so that you keep yourself safe and avoid a future break-in.

With one car stolen every 40 seconds in 2017, and knowing that most car thieves are opportunists (they see something they want and grab it), until you can get your auto glass repaired, remember to:

  • Not leave any valuables in sight (lock them in your trunk)
  • Park in a busy place where a lot of other cars are parked and there is a lot of pedestrian traffic
  • Park in a well-lit area

Call Clear Quality Auto Glass today at (702) 468-9730, and let us show you how affordable and professional an expert auto glass repair can be.

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