3 Reasons Why You Need Windshield Replacement

Summer is upon us. Iced teas, lemonade and cold beers are not far behind. Barbecues are all the rage, while pool parties are right there with them. But don’t forget about your summer checklist. There’s simply too much to do in the little time that you have each day. But there are some things that […]

Windshield Replacement and Insurance

Are you wondering whether your insurance would cover your windshield replacement? Here’s what you need to know. Similar to the many other car repair procedures, windshield replacement is considered a highly difficult process. First, you must make certain that your windshield replacement is being done by a professional, such as those at Clear Quality Auto Glass. In […]

Cracked Windshield Laws in Nevada and You

Driving around with a cracked windshield? Here’s why you might need windshield replacement to be in line with Nevada law. When it comes to cities such as Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, everything seems to be moving at a lightning-fast pace. The rules change every now and then. And you never know which traffic requirement […]

Tips for Filing Glass and Windshield Repair Claims

Stressed out about Filing Windshield Repair Claims? These Tips Will Get You Through the Process in One Piece Going through a car accident is terrible. It becomes even more stressful when you must go through the process of repairing the damage. This is especially true for simple damages such as window repair or windshield repair, where insurance […]

How Windshield Coating Can Protect Your Classic Car

Want the Absolute Best for Your Classic Car? Don’t Forget Essentials Such as Windshield Coating When it comes to owning a classic car, upkeep is half the fun. After all, if a muscle car isn’t able to effortlessly express its beauty on the road, is it even a classic? That is why ensuring that your […]

What to Do When Your Power Windows Get Stuck Down

Only a few things can be as frustrating as having your car windows stuck within the door. Not only is it a safety risk, but it is also extremely uncomfortable during a drive. This is especially true in warmer areas such as Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, where car air conditioning is vital to a […]

Fixing a Bad Window Tinting Job on Your Car

There are few things as disappointing for a car owner as a lousy window tinting job. Regardless of the fact that you did the window tinting job yourself as a DIY project or had it done by a so-called professional at a low price, botched window tinting is enough to throw off the whole look of your […]

Is Auto Glass Tinting Legal in Las Vegas?

Want to Get Auto Glass Tint But Don’t Want to Go Against the Law? Here’s What You Need to Know! In an age where climate change is becoming a factor with full force, the scorching heat in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada is not hidden from anyone.  Whether you are driving around in a Ferrari […]

Windshield Repair vs. Replacement – What Should You Choose

Confused About Selecting Between Windshield Repair and Replacement? Here’s How to Clear Your Mind! As your windshield acts as both a safety mechanism and an aesthetic feature of your car, remember to make sure that it is always in optimal shape.  But the team at Clear Quality Auto Glass knows that doing so is easier […]

5 Myths About Windshield Replacement Debunked

Worried About the Supposed Effects of Windshield Replacement on Your Car? Here’s What You Need to Know! Regardless of the kind of car you drive, you always want to keep it in optimal shape. This fact holds whether you are maintaining its interior for best performance or its exterior for top-notch looks. Out of all […]