Winter is difficult, to say the least—it’s most people’s least favorite time of year, and for good reason. Turning the A/C on in your car is a lot easier than getting it to heat up when you’re shivering in your boots. Nobody likes the cold front, but outfitting your ride with the best car accessories can help cut the cold, and make your ride more enjoyable.

Heated Wiper Blades

Even if you’re in Las Vegas, Henderson and you don’t have snow to worry about, you’re still combating one thing every year—clouded windshields. You want to get moving, but it won’t clear up. If you’re in a rush to get to work, you can’t sit there and wait for your windshield to come back to full visibility. Heated wiper blades can get you out of the driveway faster. Heating and cooling your windshield repeatedly can bother it if you’ve got cracks or divots in the glass, so be sure to get that taken care of before winter strikes.

Seat and Steering Wheel Covers

That plastic or faux leather around the steering wheel is never a fun thing to hold onto while it’s freezing your hands. Getting a cloth steering wheel cover makes for quicker heat transference, so you won’t be shivering the whole ride. Doubling up and getting seat covers as well can really help warm up your little section of the car while the heat is kicking on.

Summertime Fragrance Plugins

Firing up the heat is great, but it’s even better when you trick yourself into thinking it’s still summer with your favorite summer scents, all worked into a fragrance freshener for the car.

Cup Holder Heater

Yes, they do come unattached. These are the perfect way to keep enjoying your hot coffee in your refillable mug while driving to work. Walk through the doors with a cup of coffee that’s still steaming. When you plug this into the USB of your car charger, it heats up within a minute or so. The best car accessories make your life that much easier and more enjoyable—nothing’s worse than coffee that goes cold before you even make it down the road.

When winter rolls around, be prepared with a few of the best car accessories available to make your commute and leisure travel that much more enjoyable. Bonus points for being proactive, and stocking up on them before winter hits.

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