Have you been weighing the pros, cons, and the cost of having your windshield just repaired instead of replaced? For a good amount of problems with your windshield in Henderson, Las Vegas, you can definitely get a fill for the crack on your windshield. However, there are certain times when you need a full windshield replacement. Here’s why getting a full replacement beats a simple fix.


Vision Impairment


If you get your windshield crack repaired, the solution may – and it’s just a possibility – leave a distorted, skewed image when you look through it. Normally, this isn’t a problem, but when you’re driving, it could become an obstruction, or a distraction out of your peripheral vision.


When you get your windshield replaced, it’s brand new and operates just like your old one. It allows you to see perfectly with less liability.


Maintaining the Car’s Value


If you have a rather nice car, and especially if you lease your vehicle, you want to keep it in tip top condition at all times. Nothing is going to make your luxury vehicle look worse than a chip in the windshield. WIth a chip, as opposed to a crack, most auto glass repair companies will tell you that it requires a full replacement. That’s because it’s damaging the structural integrity of your vehicle, even if you’ve gotten it filled in the past.


If the chip/crack was big enough, and you can see distortion, it’s going to be visible (depending on the angle) by anyone who’s looking at the front of the car. Friends will notice it, auto dealers will make a comment and possibly charge you extra if you return a leased car with an imperfection.


Scratched Glass and Tickets


Sometimes, something hits our windshield but doesn’t break anything. It can, however, leave a bunch of nasty scratches going all cross it. Not only do these impede on your ability to see through the windshield, but it can also get you a ticket if a passing police officer believes that it’s damaged badly enough. This is where sealers aren’t going to do the trick, and you need to opt for a full windshield replacement.


If you’re in need of an onsite repair or replacement, you should leave your car where it is and call the experts. Let us handle the problems with your windshield; you have enough to worry about.

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