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Auto insurance by itself is complicated enough to understand. It only gets more complex when you throw the nuances of windshield replacement into the mix. But understanding key points such as where to file a claim, what would be covered or deductible, and how you can seek help[ in emergencies can make the process easier to comprehend.

An unobstructed windshield is so important in the state of Nevada that Henderson and Las Vegas have several windshield experts working round the clock for emergency replacement calls.

This is because any obstruction in the windshield is advised against. If a chip or crack in a damaged windshield causes obstruction and gets noticed by a traffic official, you can find yourself paying for an uncalled for fine.

How Does Auto Insurance Work in Nevada?

In the state of Nevada and its cities such as Henderson and Las Vegas, it is a requirement for all drivers to have “liability” auto insurance. It keeps other people safe in terms of bodily injury, and their property covered against any kind of damage in case of a collision by you.

But it is important to understand that having liability auto insurance does not cover you or your car in an accident that was caused by your side. In order to make sure that you are covered against all kinds of auto body damage including windshield replacement, it is important to have “comprehensive” insurance.

This type of insurance covers you against damage caused by other automobiles as well as immobile objects such as trees. Its coverage of other causes is also widespread, ranging from damage caused by natural disasters to vandalism. This of course covers windshield damage of almost all kinds.

What is a Deductible?

A deductible is the amount you have to pay a provider on top of your insurance. For instance, if you take your damaged car to an auto body shop and have it repaired against a total bill of $2,000, and if your deductible is $1,000, then you will still have to pay that $1,000.

Some providers also offer a “vanishing deductible”, where the deductible is reduced with each claim-free year you spend with the insurance company. That is why, it is important to check the deductible while buying auto insurance in Nevada.

Where Can I File a Claim?

If the damage was caused by another driver, then you can call the police and have them contact their insurance company to help you restore your car and pay for any bodily damages to yourself or your passengers. On the other hand, if the damage arises from any other cause and if you have comprehensive auto insurance, then that is where you will have to contact your insurance provider.

From there, you can go to an auto body repair shop to get your car restored or your windshield replaced.


Clear Quality Auto Glass Can Help

As a reliable windshield replacement and auto glass replacement provider in Henderson and Las Vegas, Clear Quality Auto Glass can help you with all of your windshield troubles. Whether you need an emergency replacement on the road or a quick replacement by stopping by our garage, don’t hesitate, make sure to reach out to us today!

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