Many drivers often overlook the benefits that auto glass tinting can provide. This simple and affordable service can improve your driving experience, as well as the life of your vehicle.

The first priority in taking care of your vehicle is safety. Tinting your windows is no different. Unwanted glare can lead to serious distraction that can cause an accident in the flash of an eye. Every driver knows that often, the biggest danger on the road are the drivers of other vehicles. Vehicles at your rear may have very bright lights, or lights that directly catch your side view mirrors or rear view mirrors, and may cause momentary blind spots. While your rear view mirror likely does have a feature to deflect lights for this very reason, it can be another distraction to deal with. Tinting even these minor areas in your car can bring a major improvement to overall safety when driving.

We love to call Las Vegas home, and we know how important it is to health and safety to keep it cool, especially when the internal temperature of a vehicle can easily exceed the surrounding temperatures. Tinting your vehicle will give you an extra defense against the heat when your car is parked as well as while you drive it. In addition, tinting adds protection from harmful UV rays that can lead to all too common skin damage, and even cancer.

One of the most obvious reasons to tint your windows is for added privacy on the road, as well as peace of mind in the parking lot for the belongings left in your car. Auto glass tinting is a service private drivers may enjoy, as well as drivers who use their car for rideshare services wishing to enhance their rider’s privacy, as well.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, shattered glass can become an added dimension to the problem. Tinting your windows can add integrity to your auto glass, preventing extreme shattering.

At Clear Quality Glass, our trained and professional staff are proud to offer excellent auto glass services for classic cars. If you value your vehicle’s exterior, we understand that you also value the interior of your car. Tinting your windows will provide an all-around protection for the delicate materials used in your car’s interior that will ensure a long term investment in the well-being of your vehicle.

In addition to classic cars, Clear Quality Auto Glass also equipped to handle your limo, boat, and other larger and specialty vehicles.

If you need auto glass tinting removal, or replacement, we can provide this service, as well.

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