Sunroofs have grown in popularity over the years and these days there are many car manufacturers offering models with sunroofs. Everywhere you go around Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, you see cars and SUVs with various styles of sunroofs and a nice night drive with it open can be quite refreshing. However, there are a couple of possible issues with them that you should be aware of and we wanted to take the time to pass them on.


An Important Reminder About Sunroofs

The single most important thing to do in order to keep your sunroof operating like new – is keeping it clean inside and out and performing regular maintenance. Always use glass cleaner that doesn’t contain vinegar or ammonia and wipe the rubber seal with a mild detergent and lint-free cloth, taking care to rinse the seal completely with a lint-free rag soaked in cool water.


  • Lubricate the seal with a silicone-based lubricant.
  • Using an old toothbrush and mild detergent, remove any wax buildup from the metal frame around the top of the sunroof.
  • Clean the tracks of your power-operated, sliding sunroof and lubricate the inner lip of the sliding rails with a silicone-based lubricant in order to maintain a smooth gliding sunroof.
  • If you have a manual operated sunroof and the mounting hardware is exposed, inspect and lubricate as necessary.


Issues With Sunroofs

One frustrating problem that you may run into is a stuck sunroof. You can attempt to resolve this issue by gently removing the glass with a screwdriver or drill and inspecting the mechanisms – checking for any stripped, cracked or broken gears or other components. Finally, clean out any debris or grease buildup with a lint-free rag and then run the sunroof through its various positions. Watch for problem areas as the gears move and, if necessary, remove and replace malfunctioning components. Proper maintenance of your vehicle’s sunroof is important in order to preserve its appearance and longevity.

The most common issue that owners encounter is a leaky sunroof. Whether it’s simply dripping or basically gushing water, a leak in your sunroof can quickly create a mess and ultimately damage your car’s interior. If your sunroof has suddenly sprung a leak, there are a few things that you can do to remedy the situation.


  • Cleaning the drain tubes with air- clean the sunroof trough, located just inside the rubber seal, and use compressed air on the drain tubes located at the base of the seal.
  • Using wire to clean the drains – if utilizing compressed air doesn’t work or isn’t available, after cleaning the trough simply insert a skinny flexible metal wire into the drain tubes, twisting the wire first clockwise and then counterclockwise while pushing the wire deeper into the drain tube. Once you have completed this, close the sunroof and pour water over the glass to determine if the leak is fixed.
  • Inspecting the seal – when the above methods fail to stop your sunroof leak, it’s time to give the rubber seal a thorough exam to determine if it is the culprit. Look for jagged edges or cracks along the seal and inspect for any pooling water or mold. As a last tool, you can try applying black liquid electrical tape to the seal, close the sunroof and pour water over the top once more.


If the leak still remains, you’ll need a window replacement and should bring your vehicle to a professional glass installer like Clear Quality Auto Glass in Henderson and Las Vegas. Don’t trust your glass replacement to just anyone – or else you could end up with even more problems and bigger leaks than before.

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